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Video Solutions: Beyond providing video solutions using the major brands such as Axis, Arecont, Bosch, Honeywell, Panasonic, Pelco, StarDot, Samsung, and Speco, Securco is a dealer for Avigilon's world class line of high definition (HD) video surveillance products.
Video Solutions: Beyond providing video solutions using the major brands such as Axis, Arecont, Bosch, Honeywell, Panasonic, Pelco, StarDot, Samsung, and Speco, Securco is a dealer for Avigilon's world class line of high definition (HD) video surveillance products.
A tutorial of the new ACC 5 Client software from Avigilon. 
Hattrix managed access control
DSC Power Series demonstration video explains the programming and operation for the end user
Entrapass Go is the mobile app that lets you take control of your access control system on the road. Coupled with Hattrix hosted access control service, you are now on the cutting edge of security control. Lock or unlock doors, manage users, adjust schedules, run reports, and other remote control functionality is as close as your smartphone, or tablet
This educational video describes the steps to download and install the Entrapass Web that will allow the end user to manage their access system remotely over the internet with a secure portal to Securco's Hattrix Servers
This educational training video provides step by step instruction for the end user to learn how to program user information into the Securco Hattrix Entrapass Web application.
This video provides an overview of how to set up your Entrapass Web Dockviews. Dockviews provides an easy user interface to all your most commonly used screens. If you delete a Dockview by accident, there is no need to worry because the screen is still available from one of the other menu selections and the Dockviews can easily be recreated
Entrapass Web has a wide range of reports available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Beyond the Quick Reports and User Reports, a wide range of custom reports can be created by Securco specialized to  your requirements. Securco can also setup reports to be automatically generated and emailed to you.
Hattrix Hosted Access Control
Securco is a Certified Kantech Hattrix Hosted Access Control Service Provider. With the Hattrix service, clients get the benefit of Kantech's Global software in a hosted format. No need for on-site computers or software to control the access system. End users can access the system through the Entrapass Go mobile app or use EntrapassWeb, a full feature Internet based Kantech workstation. Securco is responsible for keeping software up to date, daily backup, redundant server and gateway server. End users get the choice of programming as much or as little as they want. Lock or unlock doors, program schedules, request reports or manage users all without the worry of software infrastructure or management. Let Securco, the security professionals, manage the access system and let you and your staff concentrate on your core business.

Securco Portable Alarm System
For anyone needing a temporary or portable notification system, Securco's Portable Alarm System is an affordable and simple option. The system is easy to install and remove and can be purchased or set up on a monthly rental basis. Whether you want dispatch of responders to a burglary attempt or to be notified when the temperature of your freezer goes above -18 Celsius, we have the solution.
If your location has AC power and is within cellular range, the Securco Portable Alarm System could be the solution you have been looking for.
Various configurations and options are available:
* Basic Starter System
* Commercial Scalable System
* System with remote app for your mobile device
GO Control 2GIG
GO Control Panel from 2GIG
This wireless system from 2GIG features 32 user/48 zone capacity, as well as a built in Z-WAVE controller that permits control of various automation devices such as door locks, thermostats, garage door openers, cameras and other appliances. Enhanced interactive services are optional available that allow remote video viewing, control of devices, email notifications, etc.
w/ new antenna
No land line, no problem. A radio alarm communicator can operate in primary or backup mode to make sure alarm signals make it to the monitoring station.  
Touch Keypad w/ Picture Frame
Upgrade your DSC PowerSeries keypad to a touch screen keypad. Features include a digital picture frame mode, as well as touch control for all keypad functions and an easy to use graphical interface. Compatible with all DSC PowerSeries panels; PC1616, PC 1832 and PC1864

Morse Keywatcher
KeyWatcher System
Complete control and management of critical keys, credit cards or cellphones. Restrict who can use what  and determine how long to allow until it must be returned. Get notified if items aren't returned in a timely fashion. Connect the system to your access control for a completely integrated solution.
Security Gate Systems
Cantilever Delta Gate System
The Delta Gate from Heras is an industrial vehicle gate that has outstanding construction and operational features designed for high security facilities and traffic control applications.
FAQ's Manuals


Securco Services Inc. (Formerly Digitech) has been installing alarm systems for over 33 years. While there are many manufacturers of alarm systems out there, DSC and ADEMCO, or HONEYWELL systems are some of the favourites.

To help identify the system you have, refer to the alarm manual section below. If you have a keypad you don’t recognize here, please contact the office for more information.

I need an alarm manual!

Click here to go to our Manuals Download Section.

I just moved into a new home with a Securco (formerly Digitech) system installed. What do I do?

Congratulations on your new home! Securco will be happy to set your system up for you. If you don’t have a user code for the system, do not attempt to arm or use the system. Please call service to set up an appointment. If you are interested in having Securco monitor your system, we will waive the basic service call charge.

My alarm keeps beeping, but there is no trouble light on

Press the # key on your keypad. Hear that sound? That is the only beeping sound your alarm system can make. If the sound you are hearing is different, it is not the alarm system, but something else in your house. The smoke detectors typically installed in homes have a high-pitched beep that seems to come from whatever room you are standing in. Try changing the batteries in the smoke detectors to stop the beep. Other items typically confused with alarm beeping are cell phones and other electronic devices.

My alarm is beeping, and it's really annoying!!

We understand how annoying that can be, but your system is trying to tell you there is an issue. Press the # key twice to stop the beeping. The beeping will stop. but it may start again after some time, as critical functions of your alarm system are tested periodically. If your system starts beeping again, press the # twice, to reset the trouble timer. You will notice the “trouble” light or “system” light is on. Press *2. Depending on the keypad, either a number will display on the screen or one of the zone lights will light up. Below is a list corresponding to the most common trouble indicators after pressing *2 . Your system may use slightly different numbers to indicate the specific trouble. Refer to your user manual for information on identifying trouble conditions. 

List of common trouble conditions (check your user manual to determine which trouble is present): 

Battery needs to be changed 

The main AC power to the alarm is off. If there is a power outage, wait for power to resume. The system will run on your back up battery and the battery will charge back up off the house current when the power comes back on. 

Check your Telephone. This means the telephone signal to the alarm has been disrupted and the panel cannot use the telephone to call out. Once the phone signal is restored this trouble light will clear. 

This means communication failure. This can happen along with three. If your phones aren’t working and your alarm is set off, the system will fail to communicate. This may also happen if you’ve changed your phone or internet service. For example if you are now using DSL a filter should be installed on the alarm system. Changing to internet or cable based phone systems can also cause your alarm to fail to communicate. Call us for assistance of you have had changes to your phone service. 

Call us for service. There is a zone tamper on your system. 

If you have wireless (WLS) components, the batteries in these devices need to be changed every 2 to 5 years. Be very careful changing batteries in these devices as it is possible to damage the sensors. Please call us if you need assistance. 

You need to reset the system clock. This can occur if the power for the alarm is off for more than a few hours and the battery failed. There are instructions for changing your system clock in the manuals and quick guides section. If you need assistance please call us.

Didn't Securco install the smoke detectors in our house?

Alarm system smoke detectors are an optional add-on to your security system. Not all systems have smoke detectors connected to them. However, if you are interested in adding monitored smoke alarms to your system for fire protection, simply call our office and we will arrange a service call by a trained, licensed Securco technician. Many insurance companies will give discounts for monitored smoke alarms. Be aware that you may have either a battery operated smoke alarm or a 120 VAC smoke detector wired into your home’s power that is not connected to the security system. There are wireless smoke detectors that can communicate with your security system, and these detectors do require periodic battery replacement. If the battery on a wireless smoke detector is low, the system keypad will annunciate a trouble condition.

How do I change my alarm system battery? Is it important?

The alarm systems back-up battery is used when your main power is out and prevents false triggering by power fluctuations. Your alarm will work perfectly on the power from the battery as long as it is in good condition and as long as the power outage is not prolonged. Typically the system will operate for approximately ten hours on the back-up battery, depending on the number of devices on the system. The battery is located in the alarm control panel, a 12” x 12” x 3” metal box normally located in a closet or storage area. To remove the battery you will have to open the cover of the panel box which has a couple of set screws around the lid which hold the lid closed. Undo these screws and open the box. In the bottom you will see a rectangular or square battery. Remove the red and black wires from the battery terminals. You may have to wiggle them a bit but you shouldn’t need any additional tools and you can’t be shocked by doing this. Bring the battery in to our location 704 Fitzwilliam St. in Nanaimo for proper disposal or to your local hazardous goods disposal centre. 

Once you have replaced your battery with a new one, the trouble light should go out as soon as the battery is fully charged. This can take up to several hours. If the battery light is still on the next day, call us and we will check the system further.

I can't set my alarm. There is no green "ready" light?

Make sure all your doors and windows that are on the alarm system are closed. If you don’t know what “zone” is open, press the # key or use the < > (scroll left right) keys depending on the keypad. The open zones will be displayed on the screen. If your doors and windows are closed and the zone still shows as “open”, please call for service. In the meantime you can bypass the zone to get a green light and set the alarm. See the next section for bypass instructions.

How do I bypass a zone?

If you know what zone you want to bypass, you can do the following: Press *1 then enter the two digit zone number (e.g. 02 for zone 2) Then press the # key. 

If you have a DSC PC1500 or PC1550 Keypad Do not use a two digit zone number use the single digit zone. You can identify your product above. 

You should now have a green “ready” light and you should be able to arm your system. (NOTE: the area bypassed is not protected by the alarm system but all other zones are.) Once you disarm you system anything you had previously bypassed, will once again be back on the alarm system. You need to bypass the zone each time you arm the system.

The word "OPEN" appears on my keypad every once in a while, but there is nothing open, Is my alarm not working right?

No. If the word “OPEN” appears but your green ready light is still on, it means someone is walking in front of a motion detector. The “OPEN” refers to an open zone. This is normal and you can ignore it.

I set off my alarm by accident. What do I do?

Go to a keypad and press the # key to clear any residual entries then enter your arm/disarm code. This will cancel the alarm with the monitoring station. It is normal for the alarm panel to have temporarily seized your phone line to signal the monitoring station. Please wait a couple of moments and then call the monitoring station to confirm the cancellation of the signal and that the authorities have not been dispatched. Please remember you must have your ID Password to identify yourself.

My system keeps having false alarms. What should I do?

You require service. Please call our office to arrange for a technician to come out and troubleshoot the issue. Also check our false alarm reduction tips.

The police have been dispatched to my home for false alarms more than three time. They have sent a bill, what should I do?

Every city has different rules regarding false alarm callouts. False alarms are considered a nuisance by the authorities with good reason. They tie up resources that could be otherwise used on real emergencies. Currently in Nanaimo, the RCMP will charge if there are repeated false alarms at a single location. We recommend that all our customers test their systems on a regular basis, and to contact your monitoring station in the case of false or inadvertent alarm to ensure the authorities are not dispatched. If there is a system problem, we again recommend you schedule an alarm service technician to come out and resolve any equipment issues. Fines or penalties for the operation of your alarm system are your responsibility. Although we do everything possible to provide excellent installations and service, Securco assumes no liability for the operation of your alarm system.
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