Access Control & Card Access Systems

For more than thirty years, we have been supplying and installing the world’s best security products and systems. Securco installs and services most major access control products: Authorized Kantech Global Dealer, Authorized Guardall (VEREX) Dealer, Authorized Honeywell NETAXS Dealer, Keyscan, Ademco, DSC, Modern, Silent Knight, Sentinel System, IEI and others.

Access Control Systems 

An access control system is the most effective method of controlling the access and flow of personnel and visitors to a building or work area. Each door or gate included in the security system can be controlled independently and the configuration of access changed with the click of a button on a central control computer. Keys are replaced with access credentials and locks are replaced by automated door strikes, controlled with a proximity card reader, security keypad or biometric reader.

The great advantage is that changes can be made in real time. If someone loses an access credential, there is no need to call a locksmith; you simply delete the lost credential’s access privileges as soon as the loss is reported. If you suddenly need to change an area which was previously accessible by many personnel to a secure area to be accessed by a select few, the process is a simple reprogramming of the reader to accept only those credentials.

Modern access control systems are scalable. They can be installed on a single door in a single building including residential applications, or they can be installed in hundreds of doors and gates in various buildings locally or globally. The control of the systems can also be on site or at a remote location.
All entries and exits can be tracked to users, leaving an audit trail of activity through controlled buildings. This can be extended to include vehicular traffic into parking areas or controlled loading areas.

Types of Access Control Credentials

Card Access / Proximity Cards and Key Fobs

•A pass code is programmed onto the access card or fob. When swiped by a Proximity Reader, the pass code is identified and if approved, a door lock mechanism is released to allow access.
Swipe Cards
•Swipe cards have a magnetic stripe which must be swiped through a card reader similar to a credit card terminal.


•Number sequence entered into a numeric keypad.
Biometric Identifiers
•Fingerprint, iris or voice credentials can be teamed with a biometric reader for access.

Buttoned Key Fobs

•Similar to the access fob used to open your car and set the alarm system.
For each credential type there is a reader which corresponds.

Door Access Control

Electric strikes are door locking devices that will unlock the door when an approved Access Credential is presented at the reading device.

REX (Request to Exit)

A special type of motion sensor or an exit button can be used to allow free exit of a controlled space.

Access Control Software

Access Control Software can be loaded on a designated computer to control both the programming of fobs and cards, and the programming of access points. The system can be as small as a local system with a single door and a couple of users, to a global system with multiple workstations controlling hundreds of access points anywhere in the world.

Security Product Videos
Video Solutions: Beyond providing video solutions using the major brands such as Axis, Arecont, Bosch, Honeywell, Panasonic, Pelco, StarDot, Samsung, and Speco, Securco is a dealer for Avigilon's world class line of high definition (HD) video surveillance products.
Video Solutions: Beyond providing video solutions using the major brands such as Axis, Arecont, Bosch, Honeywell, Panasonic, Pelco, StarDot, Samsung, and Speco, Securco is a dealer for Avigilon's world class line of high definition (HD) video surveillance products.
A tutorial of the new ACC 5 Client software from Avigilon. 
Hattrix managed access control
DSC Power Series demonstration video explains the programming and operation for the end user
Entrapass Go is the mobile app that lets you take control of your access control system on the road. Coupled with Hattrix hosted access control service, you are now on the cutting edge of security control. Lock or unlock doors, manage users, adjust schedules, run reports, and other remote control functionality is as close as your smartphone, or tablet
This educational video describes the steps to download and install the Entrapass Web that will allow the end user to manage their access system remotely over the internet with a secure portal to Securco's Hattrix Servers
This educational training video provides step by step instruction for the end user to learn how to program user information into the Securco Hattrix Entrapass Web application.
This video provides an overview of how to set up your Entrapass Web Dockviews. Dockviews provides an easy user interface to all your most commonly used screens. If you delete a Dockview by accident, there is no need to worry because the screen is still available from one of the other menu selections and the Dockviews can easily be recreated
Entrapass Web has a wide range of reports available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Beyond the Quick Reports and User Reports, a wide range of custom reports can be created by Securco specialized to  your requirements. Securco can also setup reports to be automatically generated and emailed to you.
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