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Video Solutions: Beyond providing video solutions using the major brands such as Axis, Arecont, Bosch, Honeywell, Panasonic, Pelco, StarDot, Samsung, and Speco, Securco is a dealer for Avigilon's world class line of high definition (HD) video surveillance products.
Video Solutions: Beyond providing video solutions using the major brands such as Axis, Arecont, Bosch, Honeywell, Panasonic, Pelco, StarDot, Samsung, and Speco, Securco is a dealer for Avigilon's world class line of high definition (HD) video surveillance products.
A tutorial of the new ACC 5 Client software from Avigilon. 
Hattrix managed access control
DSC Power Series demonstration video explains the programming and operation for the end user
Entrapass Go is the mobile app that lets you take control of your access control system on the road. Coupled with Hattrix hosted access control service, you are now on the cutting edge of security control. Lock or unlock doors, manage users, adjust schedules, run reports, and other remote control functionality is as close as your smartphone, or tablet
This educational video describes the steps to download and install the Entrapass Web that will allow the end user to manage their access system remotely over the internet with a secure portal to Securco's Hattrix Servers
This educational training video provides step by step instruction for the end user to learn how to program user information into the Securco Hattrix Entrapass Web application.
This video provides an overview of how to set up your Entrapass Web Dockviews. Dockviews provides an easy user interface to all your most commonly used screens. If you delete a Dockview by accident, there is no need to worry because the screen is still available from one of the other menu selections and the Dockviews can easily be recreated
Entrapass Web has a wide range of reports available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Beyond the Quick Reports and User Reports, a wide range of custom reports can be created by Securco specialized to  your requirements. Securco can also setup reports to be automatically generated and emailed to you.
Hattrix Hosted Access Control
Securco is a Certified Kantech Hattrix Hosted Access Control Service Provider. With the Hattrix service, clients get the benefit of Kantech's Global software in a hosted format. No need for on-site computers or software to control the access system. End users can access the system through the Entrapass Go mobile app or use EntrapassWeb, a full feature Internet based Kantech workstation. Securco is responsible for keeping software up to date, daily backup, redundant server and gateway server. End users get the choice of programming as much or as little as they want. Lock or unlock doors, program schedules, request reports or manage users all without the worry of software infrastructure or management. Let Securco, the security professionals, manage the access system and let you and your staff concentrate on your core business.

Securco Portable Alarm System
For anyone needing a temporary or portable notification system, Securco's Portable Alarm System is an affordable and simple option. The system is easy to install and remove and can be purchased or set up on a monthly rental basis. Whether you want dispatch of responders to a burglary attempt or to be notified when the temperature of your freezer goes above -18 Celsius, we have the solution.
If your location has AC power and is within cellular range, the Securco Portable Alarm System could be the solution you have been looking for.
Various configurations and options are available:
* Basic Starter System
* Commercial Scalable System
* System with remote app for your mobile device
GO Control 2GIG
GO Control Panel from 2GIG
This wireless system from 2GIG features 32 user/48 zone capacity, as well as a built in Z-WAVE controller that permits control of various automation devices such as door locks, thermostats, garage door openers, cameras and other appliances. Enhanced interactive services are optional available that allow remote video viewing, control of devices, email notifications, etc.
w/ new antenna
No land line, no problem. A radio alarm communicator can operate in primary or backup mode to make sure alarm signals make it to the monitoring station.  
Touch Keypad w/ Picture Frame
Upgrade your DSC PowerSeries keypad to a touch screen keypad. Features include a digital picture frame mode, as well as touch control for all keypad functions and an easy to use graphical interface. Compatible with all DSC PowerSeries panels; PC1616, PC 1832 and PC1864

Morse Keywatcher
KeyWatcher System
Complete control and management of critical keys, credit cards or cellphones. Restrict who can use what  and determine how long to allow until it must be returned. Get notified if items aren't returned in a timely fashion. Connect the system to your access control for a completely integrated solution.
Security Gate Systems
Cantilever Delta Gate System
The Delta Gate from Heras is an industrial vehicle gate that has outstanding construction and operational features designed for high security facilities and traffic control applications.
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Tyco and Securco Secure Kawanis Lodge
Tyco Case Study
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Ademco Vista 50
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Ademco Vista 20
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Ademco Vista 15p
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Ademco Vista 128b
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DSC Quick Reference Guide
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DSC Power 864 PC5020
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DSC Power 832 PC5015
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DSC Power 832 PC5010
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DSC Power 632 PC1555mx
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DSC PC5928 Intercom
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DSC PC3000
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DSC PC2550
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DSC PC2500
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DSC PC1550
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DSC Maxsys PC4020
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DSC Escort 5580
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DSC Envoy NT9005
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DSC 1616
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DSC 1832
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DSC 1864
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DSC 9047
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PTK 5507 Touch Screen Keypad
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NEO Power Series
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X10 Active Home Pro
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Paradox Esprit 626
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Simon XT Ver2
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Interlogix NX
Interlogix GE NX Series
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